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18, rue Pasteur
94278 Le Kremlin BicÍtre

Contact: Laurent LE FOLL
Phone: 01 58 46 12 47

Creation date: 2001

Manpower: 11 to 50 people

Turnover: 1 million to 5 millions €

Company's presentation:
Lingway is a software company that offers specialized search solutions based on powerful
multilingual semantic tools and business-specific linguistic resources. The solutions, many
of which were developed within the framework of French and European linguistic
engineering projects, provide companies with search capabilities tailored to their line of

Search engines that understand your business

Company's activity :
LINGWAY markets solutions in 4 areas : human resources, intellectual property, e-commerce and medical.These solutions are based on LINGWAY KM semantic platform.

LINGWAY eHR Applications : CV Parsing Resume/job offer matching Talent search engine

LINGWAYPatent Suite : cross language search engine on patents and trademarks Extraction of key informations from patent.

LINGWAYe-Commerce : ebusiness search engine.

LINGWAY Medical Suite : medical search engine.

Search engine dedicated to pharmacovigilance.Automated coding of phrases describing the secondary effects of